just updated the masterlist/full list check it out 


So I deleted almost all of the requests in our inbox (expect the ones you sent the last three days).
Please, if you’re going to request several things, put them in different messages so it’s easier for us to delete them when one is posted etc.
It really makes my job easier hahah
Oh and if you want to request things for the summer bucketlist 2014, let us know it’s for that tag in the message! :)

movie tips?

Hello, In response to a previous question posted, I think this blog is a genius idea, because we all as humans have desires and things we want to accomplish. My constructive criticism is that you must tailor the posts you create and not accept all type of submissions, try to keep it to the beautiful thing everyone can relate to- something than better than buying Lady Gaga's perfume. There has to be more to life before we die :)

This is exactly how I feel. It is hard though to make more “inspirational” edits when you only get those kinds of request. I try my best to make everyone happy and pleased but like I said, it’s hard.
Thank you for great constructive criticism, this is what we need to develop our edits and blog!
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